Welcome, friend.

My passion is to create Value from Information.

Assessing the Value and processing the Information is what I know intimately and love doing.

From process analysis, to systems analysis, to architecture design, to coding, I have done everything related to creating Value from Information:
--in the pharmaceuticals, health care, electronics, and defense industries,
--with large and small companies,
--on manufacturing, financial, and scientific applications, even with Artificial Intelligence
--on large and small systems,
--on the internet, PCs, VAXes, and even mainframes,
--in every computer language used in North America in the last 25 years
--to include most ERP packages, SAP, ORACLE*Manufacturing and Financials
--in ERP on the functional side, SD, MM, FI, CO, HR
--in ERP/SAP on the technical side as well: Certified in ABAP, teaching ABAP*Objects.

Tell me at Larry_Kavounas@HotMail.com what Value you need from Information!

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